Learn the facts about Professionally Managed Futures, one of the most versatile and fastest growing alternative investments today!

Learn the facts on one of the most versatile and fastest growing investments today: Professionally Managed Futures! Unlike stocks, managed futures have the versatility and potential to capitalize on both rising and falling markets. Watch this informative video to see the results of studies on the actual performance interaction between stocks and managed futures going back 35 years that answer these questions:

What if during the 5 worst period declines for stocks since 1987 managed futures were positive?

What if during the 15 worst quarters for stocks over the past 25 years managed futures were positive 75% of the time?

What if during the most critical events over the past 35 years managed futures substantially outperformed stocks?

What if during the very worst stock market declines in history since 1987, managed futures were positive 100% of the time?

What if over the past 25 years a portfolio diversified with 20% in managed futures performed 62% better than a portfolio with just stocks and bonds?

What if over the past 35 years, managed futures outperformed stocks by 46% and international stocks by 192%

All these and important questions are answered in our enlightening Introduction to Managed Futures Video!


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